In Writing fiction what is your Natural Setting?

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4 min readNov 1, 2023

Natural setting. What are you talking about? You mean where the story is taking place? Yeah, I got that. It takes place in modern day so I’ll be fine…..mmmmm will you though. Natural setting is not something I see talked about a lot in world building, it’s touched on but I don’t see questions or templates to help develop it. Setting is so important. I consider it a major part in creating conflict. Which is:

Internal and external forces working in tandem.

Setting falls into a sub category in external conflict, next to the events of the story. And in setting there’s the setting of your story and its natural setting.

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Natural Setting

I’m not sure if this is something people call it, but this is what I call it in my head. It’s the natural events that occur in your story. The world spins no matter what kinda day you’re having. So it’s the club meeting that happens in your contemporary novel that the characters have to attend. It is the fight that breaks out in your sci fi novel because two species have different cultural opinions that stop your protagonist from reaching the ranooze point. It’s the natural things that occur in everyday life.

I gave some nuanced explanations but think about it like if your character grew up in poverty and there was tons of crime where they lived, that is going to have a great impact on how they think and do things. And before you’re like, ‘oh yeah, I know that you’re not telling me anything new’, really examine if you’re thinking of setting or events.

I realized that I was thinking of my story as events because my characters’ food got stolen so that pushed them to steal and then get caught therefore starting us on our story. But the natural setting makes this picture I painted more nuanced and more real.

The protagonist, having lived in poverty, saw first hand how hard life is so knows how to hide food and has a great attachment to what’s his because it can be taken from them at any moment. Because your character grew up this way it has trained them to think and act to fit their environment.



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