The Beloved Hero’s Journey

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5 min readOct 25, 2023

Joseph Campbell, my man. Joseph, noticed the common theme in mythology, and constructed the monomyth. The hero’s journey is up there when it comes to story structures.

I really like it because it has emphasis on both plot and character, which is usually my problem with most structures. They help you figure out what is happening but not your character’s internal journey.

Now back to the topic at hand.

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The first part of the hero’s journey begins in the ordinary world

Ordinary world

You start your story in the status quo where things are normal, you can establish your mood. But most importantly, let your readers know that this is their normal. That may be them fighting vampires or getting up and going to work. Anything can be someones normal, so don’t limit yourself.

Call to adventure.

This is where your character exits that status quo. This is also known by the name inciting incident, it’s a problem or challenge or event that the character has to deal with they can’t ignore.

Margo disappearing from Paper Towns by John Green

Frodo and the ring from the Lord of the Rings

The classic Batman parents dying



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