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4 min readFeb 28, 2024

I love Studio Ghibli movies. The storytelling and the visuals are out of this world. They are a source of comfort so I’m not looking so objectively but I do try. Studying these movies is a great way to explore different methods of storytelling. Here is my ranking list and some thoughts I have on each movie.

At my number one spot is

1. Whisper of the Heart

  1. It’s one of my favorite Studio Ghibli movies, and it’s one of the best movies for aspiring writers. It’s the story of a girl and boy striving to be their best creative self, both pushing each other. It’s about love and growth and cats. It’s such a sweet story that it makes me want to cry every time I watch it. It’s a very quiet movie and that’s one of the reasons I love it.
  2. Based on a Manga called Mimi o Sumaseba by Aoi Hiiragi

2. Howl Moving Castle

  1. This is a staple in studio categories of movies for good reason, it’s absolutely stunning, also the story pulls you in as well. Howl Moving Castle drives youth and old age as well as self perception all tied together with love. There is such a colorful cast of characters with magic and a talking fireplace. This story is about a girl, cursed by a witch to be old and her journey back to youth with a powerful wizard.
  2. Based on the book by Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones
  3. I heard that the author of this book said that the movie felt like it was from Howl’s point of view while the book is from Sophia’s point of view.

3. The Boy and the Heron

  1. The last Studio Ghibli movie, My Miyazaki, is a story about an ending of an age, which is so fitting this being the last movie. It deals with grief and acceptance in such a layered way. As a boy discovers what happened to his mother.

4. Castle in the Sky

  1. This movie has so much to say in a very compact way about life and death and nature and technology, and most importantly, what power does to people. As a girl runs for her life with a relic from her family, she is joined by a boy in search of a place his father photographed. Together, they face head on the corruption of a power.

5. Spirited Away

  1. This is also a staple in Studio Ghibli, dealing with thoughts of hard work as well as happiness as a little…



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